Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Cold Truth - decongesting the common cold

The Christmas period, is not only a time for good cheer, it can also be a time for miserable colds and flu! Ba Humbug, I hear you say.

I'm suffering from a bad cold at the moment, so I am feeling sorry for myself.  You think you will avoid the dreaded winter blues and you feel like you are winning, then, bam!, it hits you like a ton of bricks!

There are a number of remedies, old and new, which can help, or feel that can. Olbas, the cold relief experts, have delved into some of the symptoms of colds and how to help relieve them, some of their findings can ring true with a lot of us, or at least put a smile on your snotty face! (it did mine!)

Their findings are diagrammed below, they are quite amusing, but also ring quite true.

Colds can get us all down and we desperately try and get better. Did you know that :
  • Twice as many women, than men, are prepared to forgo sex for one month than lose a good night's sleep when suffering from a cold
  • 46% of us believe are work colleagues are the top cold spreading culprits (I can totally believe this!)
  • propping yourself up with pillows at night, helps prevent the night time coughing curse. When you lie down coughing becomes worse as the mucus builds up and drops onto your soft palate. The pillows help by not keeping you flat.  (I should have remembered this last night!!)
Some of the tips you may already know, but I was enlightened when I read a few...although I must remember to remember them too (my brain isn't functioning at full capacity at the moment).

The Cold Truth, is certainly has helped me understand the common (and mean) cold!
Now, where's my hot cup of tea?

Disclaimer:  I was sent this infogram, but I was under no obligation to write a post.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Half Shell Heros - full fun toys!

We all know and love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I remember watching the cartoon when I was younger, but it seems the Heroes are still favourites now too.  And, I understand why, especially with the new range of toys available.

The Half Shell Heroes toys are the new toy collection from Flair Plc. This range is aimed at children aged 2-5 years old.  So the younger fans can still get involved in fighting against baddies and crime!

The range is great and is really good for even the smallest of hands, who struggle with the larger TMNT toys. 


We received a very festive Half Shell Hero, in a bauble! My children were both extremely happy, as they had just put up their Christmas tree and this was the perfect bauble for them. Inside the bauble was a Rapheal (my boys favourite one!).

The toy is very cute, not so harsh looking, a little softer around the edges.  There are loads of characters to collect in this Half Shell range. 

We also received a personalised Christmas card from the Hero's, happy faces all round!

The Half Shell Heroes are perfect for Christmas stockings or as main presents.  My two can't wait to start collecting them all.

Available from all good toy stockists.

Happy Christmas from us (and the Half Shells!)


Disclaimer: I was sent this product, but was under no obligation to write a review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - top toys - boys/girls

Christmas is a tiny stones throw away...."hooray" I hear most of you shouting, and I can imagine some very confused faces too!

Not to worry, here is a list of the top toys, costing between £6 - £79.99.  So, a great selection for all budgets.

Firstly, the hottest toy for 2014:

  • Xeno, the baby monster who loves to be played with.  This is a great toy for boys and girls, aged from 3 upwards.  It has so many functions that it won't lose it's appeal. I was fascinated by what it could do.  The games alone will keep kids boredom at bay on long car journeys for quite some time. 

It looks gross, but it isn't!  This is available at most stores for around £79.99.
The Happy's, are a cute range of animals who use infrared technology to perform tricks.  Keeps children entertained, without the hassle of a real animal.  Suitable for boys and girls aged 2 upwards.  Costs about £18.


  • Little Live Pets - these are an assortment of birds or butterflies which 'come to life'.  Bird or butterfly cages are also available within the range.  The butterflies have a holding base which 'recharges' the butterfly.  When you put it on your hand it flaps it's wings, appreciating you for playing with it. It's quite fascinating. The more you play with it the more it responds to you.


The price for these range between £9.99 - £23.

  • How to Train Your Dragon - puzzle
This is great as a stocking filling or for fans of either the film or puzzles...or both! There are 3 puzzles and a great little poster.  Bargain for the price of around £5. Great for cold winter evenings or even after Christmas dinner.


All these toys are great little gifts for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion.  Happy Christmas and enjoy playing!
Disclaimer:  I was under no obligation to select these particular products.  I thought they would be a good selection of current and affordable toys for all budgets.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - his/hers general gifts

These are a selection of gifts suitable for men or women who are looking for something a little different, to help them around the house or to get fit.

This is a great little gadget to kick start or continue your healthier lifestyle. Great for fitness addicts and also for those just starting to get fit. Great motivator.

This kitchen gadget is amazing. The hassle of cooking has been erased with this must have gadget.

This is a must have for any health conscious cook who is fed up of all the additives we could potentially be consuming.  Amazing results from this frying pan, without cooking with oils.


Contemporary bathroom scales.  Looks stylish and feels stylish. Fit for any bachelor pad or family home.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Clarks kids shoes - get better and better - SS15

It may be Christmas soon, but they do say "all good things come to those who wait" and "patience is a virtue".

These sayings are certainly true as I got a sneak peek at the Spring Summer 2015 Clarks Kids ranges. 

Clarks never fail to disappoint.  The new SS15 ranges are bright, fun, stylish and importantly comfortable - the Clarks commitment to good shoes for little fit.


 The Girls ranges are fun, brightly coloured, not JUST pink and imaginative.  There are styles to suit all types of girls. The Gracie Eye canvas boot (see pic above) is fun.  I think my eldest boy might like those too!

There are so many different styles which would suit any style of child as well as outfit.  My eldest, at 5 years old, is already a style connoisseur, he chooses his outfits in the morning and when out shoe shopping, no matter what you put in front of him he will decide on the pair he wants and there's no budging him, he even gives me reasons why he likes them! (He's like me I think!!)

Classic fashionable design, the Club Samba in navy leather

Retro design on the Adven Go

The sole light up on these Full Glare leather trainers

All the ranges look like a lot of attention has gone into them, not just durability but design too.  Children are getting more design conscious, Clarks offers children the design and gives parents the understated quality.

Some of the ranges are quite retro, which is very in fashion and appeals to the young at heart, as well as reminiscing for the slightly older at heart! There are also ranges which have matching adult styles too....great son/father or daughter/mother styles.

Clarks have thought of everything.  Style and comfort. The only problem is, we have to wait until Spring 2015 to get our hands on these exciting ranges!

Disclaimer:  I was under no obligation to write this post.

Remington Smart Edge Pro - review

Christmas is around the corner and I'm sure, like many of you, there are so many parties and events planned over this festive season that it's amazing how you can fit it all in.

So far, I have three Christmas parties planned with my office alone, and then countless others with friends and family.  My husband has just as many planned too. We are both thinking that we are going to have to be super organised to be able to fit everything in.

One way to 'shave' off some time would be to 'cut' down on our beauty routine (can you see what I'm doing here!! hehe

Anyway, my husband was delighted when he received the amazing Remington Smart Edge Pro XF8700 - which is a foil shaver.

The Remington electric shaver has loads of great features, and to a newbie like my husband, it was pretty easy to understand them all.  The shaver is great as the flexible pivot head moves around the contours of the face to shave hairs that are really close to the skin.  It has been designed so that there is less pulling on hairs whilst shaving which also means there is less irritation (great feeling for the men....and the women when we get kisses under the mistletoe!).


The shaver is powered by Lithium batteries which has a 60 minute cordless run time (and the display shows how many minutes of battery time you have left). This is a great feature if you are using it whilst travelling. The shaver is also 100% waterproof, which is a must really.

The charging unit is pretty good.  There is a stand/docking station to hold the shaver whilst it is being charged.

The Remington Smart Edge Pro XF8700 Shaver has the following features:

  • AccuCut Blades
  • LiftLogic Foil
  • PivotAssist Plus & ConstantContour technology
  • Ergonomic and optimised design for greater comfort in use
  • Lithium Powered
  • 60 mins usage time
  • 90 mins charge time
  • 5 mins quick charge feature
  • LED display showing remaining minutes of battery life
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Universal voltage
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Cordless
  • 100% waterproof
  • Travel lock
  • Charge stand and travel pouch

    Two days growth, before shaving

    Using the Remington Smart Edge Pro

    After his first shave with Remington Smart Edge Pro
    My husband has always been a razor man (which is pretty amazing considering he is a man's man - if you catch my drift!).  He has said he has always found razors to give him a better, smoother finish.

    He tried the Remington Smart Edge Pro XF8700 and he was totally blown away.  He has been using it everyday for the last 2 weeks now. He loves it.

    The first time my husband used it he did take quite a while to get the hang of it. But he tried again and realised he was only going in one direction, whereas he could go up, down etc.  He can now have a safe and clean shave in less than two minutes!  He is a happy man!

    He has also noticed that the closeness of the shave means he doesn't have to shave everyday now.  He now shaves before he goes to bed and it is still smooth two days later! Another win for Remington.

    The shaver does say to use it for a little while before you really see the full effects of it.  I think this is so you can get used to the shaver as well as your skin gets used to it.

    My husband thinks this is a great product and is so glad he has switched from his old style grooming.  It has certainly 'shaved' a lot off his grooming time!

    Disclaimer:  I was sent this product to review.  All views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

    Thursday, 27 November 2014

    Stressed out? Here's why (it all makes sense now!)

    It's coming up to Christmas.  There are loads of things to do. We all feel stressed out now and again, even when Christmas isn't around the corner!

    I have always been a busy person.  Even before my children came along. I never really liked to sit down and 'do nothing' as I felt it was a waste.  Now, I dream of the times I can sit down and 'do nothing'!  If only!

    I am constantly busy, I work and I have two boys [and a husband] to look after.  When I am physically do one thing, I am thinking of the order of priority of my next tasks. This is the life of many mothers out there! There are times when I really think to myself, what am I doing?  Why am I always rushing around? I'm always tired and sometimes very cranky.  I'm basically stressed. 

    I generally contain my stress levels quite well, but there is always that one little thing that could send me over the edge (so to speak!).  I've never really understood why we are like this, what makes us behaviour and react in certain ways.

    After reading some research into the stress of the nation, conducted by Kalms, the herbal stress relief brand, I have now got an understanding of why we, as a nation, are quite stressed.

    The research explains that 1 in 5 of us feel stressed more than 6 times per week, with women more likely to feel stress than men.  The graphic below explains what all of our stresses and strains are doing to us as a population:

    Some of the points mentioned in the diagram are really interesting. I resonate with most of the points, especially about stressing about the state of the house! It makes sense that women are more stressed as we believe we can do it all! We don't have to!

    There are obviously real reasons for us stressing ourselves, not only our jobs, but family life, commitments, health etc.  I think, especially from a women perspective, we always think we are superwoman.  We believe we need to be able to do everything, cook, clean, bring up children, look after the house, work, provide for the home etc etc.  This silent admission, means that we put a lot of stress on our health and well being.

    I have, slowly, come to realise that I DON'T have to do everything at once.  I can leave the dishes for an hour or so, or I don't have to have everything absolutely perfect.  A little imperfection is perfection! Don't stress yourself out with unnecessary jobs...just relax a little.  And, if we do need something to help us relax and sleep at night, we know Kalms will be a good and safe option.

    Disclaimer:  I was under no obligation to write this article.