Luxury camping and safari - it took my breath away!

Have you ever been camping? It has never excited me before. I'm just not a camping kind of person, I need my creature comforts!
While we were on holiday I amazing agreed to go camping and do a wildlife safari at Leopard Trails in Sri Lanka. I was surprised I agreed to it and was dreading it for weeks. I was a nervous wreck at one point! 
I have to admit defeat. It was the most amazing two days!  The safari was spectacular. We saw the most amazing and rare sightings of animals. I was even bounding out of bed at 4.40am for the morning safari with so much excitement it was like it was Christmas morning! 
Luxury camping is the way to go. Super king beds, flushable toilets,  fully catered!
Try it, you will be amazed.
Disclaimer: this was something we chose and paid for by ourselves. All views expressed are my own.