How to organise your life....with a little help

I've been looking at my house, and the clutter and mess that surrounds everything. 

I have organised the kids toys by buying boxes and storages units and drawers to clear the playrooms.  This seems to work.  Why is that I can't do this with our letters and documents!

We have a normal household, but it just seems that paperwork in our house is never ending.

I was lucky enough to be sent some Avery Magazine Racks to review from Shoplet.  These have been a clutter-free life saver.

These racks are very sturdy, and aren't flimsy, so you can hold quite heavy books in them, no problem.  The are also wipe clean, so if you do store items which aren't used very often, then wiping the surface is a doddle, unlike the wire racks you can get in other stores.

I am now proudly organising my paperwork, my letters and documents in a lovely set of magazine racks.  Which also, means I can now utilise the freed-up space for more useful purposes! My house has been de-cluttered!

Shoplet are an online store who supply all types of office and stationary items for your business, but can also be used for home use too. Their products range from furniture to envelopes, so whatever you need they probably stock it.

Disclaimer: I was the sent the above product to review.  All opinions and views are my own.