Meet the Happy's - and smile!

My son has been asking for a dog for ages.  My husband isn't a huge animal lover, although I am, I don't want the hassle of walking and cleaning up after a dog (I have enough of that with my two children!).

So, you can just imagine how pleased I was to receive one of The Happy's.  The Happy's are a wonderful range of puppies and kittens which are interactive and play with their owner using infrared technology. If you have more than one, they also play with each other, using their infrared technology.

There are a range of Happy's available:



Each Happy is about the size of a Guinea Pig in real life.  Meaning, it won't take up the space of a real dog!
We received Sport, and the kids were eager to see what he could do and what he was like. 

He was very soft, softer than I thought he would be, which was great. As the kids immediately picked Sport up and hugged him.  He was loved straight away!
To turn him on there was a little sticker on his back, near his tail, which indicates what his name was, as well as 'hides' the on switch.  Press it and he wakes up.  There is a sticker which warns you to keep the toy away from hair, which can get tangled up in the wheels underneath. 

Once Sport was on, he was quite playful and amusing straight away. He would run around after the kids and they would run after Sport.  He has little barks, being a puppy they aren't loud barks, so he isn't too loud and scary for the little kids.
He spins around and gets himself into a little mischief (i.e underneath tables, chairs etc). The children love to clamber underneath furniture to retrieve Sport.

Each Happy comes with a special treat, which controls him and the more you play with him, the more tricks he can do.
The treat which came with Sport was the red 'Wiggle' bone.  When you are near Sport and bend down and press the button on the bone, the infrared signal sent from the bone connects with Sport and he performs additional features (e.g. follows you around). This is a great little feature.  As it feels like a real dog, following you while you talk to it.
There are lots of other treats which can be bought to play with your Happy, such as other bones and fish (for Mittens) and a tennis ball.  Each treat bone or fish lets your Happy do one of the following tricks: Pounce, Beg, Wiggle or Chase Tail.  The tennis balls lets your Happy catch the ball and you can watch it play with it.
All the additional treats are displayed on the leaflet and range from £9.99 upwards. Each Happy costs around £19.99.

This is a very loveable and playable toy.  The kids go back to him everyday and play with him, so you know it won't be a one hit wonder. It also means I haven't been asked "can I have a dog" for while now!  Hooray!
This is a mess free, fuss free, way of having a pet or introducing young children to pets. It does say that it is for 4+, but to honest, my 3 year old plays with this just as much. Our younger cousins love it too.
The Happy's do require batteries, but we have played with our for quite some time now and there is no sign of the batteries going yet. It's not a powerful toy, so I can't see it requiring too many changes.
If you haven't got space for a dog, or the energy for a cat, this is ideal! It's ''purrfect' and you would be 'barking' mad not to get one or two!
Disclaimer:  I was sent this product to give an honest review.  All opinions and views expressed are my own.