Christmas Gift Guide - top toys - boys/girls

Christmas is a tiny stones throw away...."hooray" I hear most of you shouting, and I can imagine some very confused faces too!

Not to worry, here is a list of the top toys, costing between £6 - £79.99.  So, a great selection for all budgets.

Firstly, the hottest toy for 2014:

It looks gross, but it isn't!  This is available at most stores for around £79.99.
The Happy's, are a cute range of animals who use infrared technology to perform tricks.  Keeps children entertained, without the hassle of a real animal.  Suitable for boys and girls aged 2 upwards.  Costs about £18.



The price for these range between £9.99 - £23.

This is great as a stocking filling or for fans of either the film or puzzles...or both! There are 3 puzzles and a great little poster.  Bargain for the price of around £5. Great for cold winter evenings or even after Christmas dinner.


All these toys are great little gifts for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion.  Happy Christmas and enjoy playing!
Disclaimer:  I was under no obligation to select these particular products.  I thought they would be a good selection of current and affordable toys for all budgets.