Legoland - Full of family fun and happy memories

Why we love LEGOLAND Windsor

There isn't one week that goes by where my two boys don't either ask about going to LEGOLAND or I hear them talking between themselves about LEGOLAND.  I then also have the battle of LEGO pieces turning up in shoes and the washing machine.  It's pretty safe to say - our boys are huge fans!  To be honest, I love going to LEGOLAND Windsor and playing LEGO with the boys. I've come to see it as my guilt-free pleasure!

We often talk about our most favourite days out or things to do and in unison we all mention LEGOLAND. I asked the boys "why" and their responses were "It is so much fun, I want to live there".

I can't argue with that logic!

I always use LEGOLAND as my hook for the boys doing well at school.  It's their treat for working hard throughout the year, getting good reports and where they (and I) can have a totally fun day, without any restrictions.  This then gives us lots to talk about during the year when we reminisce and build ourselves up to go again.

There is so much to do at LEGOLAND, one day is not enough to see everything and experience everything. There are rides suitable for young and old, and sights and experiences for all the family to enjoy:
After I found out about the LEGOLAND Ambassador scheme I asked the boys to think about their favourite ride or experience at LEGOLAND Windsor.  I then asked them to create it out of LEGO!  This kept them entertained for a while!  Here are their creations, can you guess the what they are?

Scarab-Bouncers (see the real one here)
Laser Raiders (see the real one here)






LEGOLAND is the perfect family fun day. It is like watching a blockbuster movie. You go through all the emotions; excitement, happiness, anticipation. It takes you on rollercoaster highs and then, at the end, as you leave the park, you feel sad that you don't want the day to end - all the best movies make you feel the same.  It's a winning formula! And also a great excuse to take advantage of the Lego Hotel and stay another day!! 

Here's a little poem I created which shows how much we love LEGOLAND Windsor Resort:

Could it get any more perfect than this?

The tickets are bought and we can't wait; soon our journey starts;
We've been there before, but no matter how many times, its joy and excitement which fills our hearts.
We wake up beaming, everyone is excited, happy with smiles all over our faces;
We rush to get ready, pack the car, put on our coats and do up our laces. 
We try to plan our visit, make the most of the day;
We can't wait until we get through the gates and start to play.
What will we do first, 4D movie or the Vikings River Splash
We better hurry up or the day will be over in a flash!
You may be surprised with the queues - they are actually quite fun;
There are little quests and LEGO pits to stop a tantrum.
There are plenty of places to get a bite to eat;
Pizza, pasta, chicken, ribs - all with comfy chairs, so take a seat!
We run and skip and jump to our next ride
What will it be, who will decide?
Our day is filled with laughter, wonderful memories and lots of fun;
Hands up who wants to go again, anyone?
By Nel Cabral

I would be absolutely honoured and delighted to be a LEGOLAND Ambassador and feature LEGOLAND on my blog.  My boys (including my husband!) would be so thrilled too, it would be make our year. Fingers crossed!